Elements Weather Forecast

Elements Weather Forecast

Complete weather forecasts for Windows 8


  • Looks good
  • Covers lots of meterological data
  • Celcius or Fahrenheit
  • Live tile provides good information


  • Some parts buggy
  • Complete information not available for all locales


If you're looking for an alternative to Windows 8 default weather application, try Elements Weather Forecast.

Elements Weather Forecast is a nice looking app that also provides you with plenty of meteorological information to keep your curiosity satisfied. When you install the app, it will ask you to confirm the units you want your weather in, and ask you for permission to identify your location.

Once you're in, Elements Weather Forecast offers you three different weather options - one forecast that includes sun/moon phase information, another standard nine-day forecast, and a navigable map-based assessment. Clicking on a given day will give you a more detailed forecast for the date you've picked.

Although Elements Weather Forecast looks pretty complete and the data seems accurate, we weren't 100% impressed. Some weather categories were missing depending on the city chosen, and navigation wasn't as smooth as we had hoped. Add that to the fact that the map function was sometimes hard to navigate, and we couldn't help but conclude that Elements Weather Forecast needs a little more work to make it shine.

Elements Weather Forecast is a nice alternative to the default Windows 8 weather app, but we wouldn't go as far as calling it an improvement.

Elements Weather Forecast


Elements Weather Forecast

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